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2 Q Language students considering accommodation options in Hong Kong


Student Housing Service

For all our overseas students, our Student Support Team offers a free student housing service to help you settle into Hong Kong life easily and comfortably within your budget. Our staff will check your specific housing needs prior to arrival in Hong Kong to ensure you are offered the best choice for you.

When you arrive in Hong Kong, our staff will also meet you at Hong Kong International Airport or Kowloon Train Station (for arrivals from mainland China) and take you directly to your student accommodation.

Q Language Welcome Pack

As part of our Student Support Service, you will also receive a Q Language Welcome Pack, which includes:

OCTOPUS Card Help & Advice

An Octopus Card is a pre-pay card for most transportation and small purchases in convenience stores. We advise and help you to buy an Octopus card.

SIM Card Help & Advice

By simply putting a Hong Kong SIM card into your own mobile phone you instantly have a Hong Kong telephone number to keep in touch with all your friends and family around the world. We will advise you on the best places to purchase your Hong Kong SIM card.

Maps, Local Guide & More

To help you get used to Hong Kong life, we provide detailed street maps and a guide of restaurants, banks, shopping centres, supermarkets etc. You will also receive some discount coupons to save you money!

Bank Account

For students staying for 3 months or more, we can arrange your own bank account. This lets you keep your money safe and easily accessed while you are in Hong Kong. Your account service will provide multi-currency accounts, Internet banking for local and overseas transactions and an ATM card.

Hong Kong Student Accommodation Options?

We have a range of student accommodation carefully selected for each individual student.

  • Home Stay 
  • Shared Housing
  • Basic Studio
  • Serviced Studio
  • Luxury Studio
  • 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartments

Student home-stay accommodation in Hong Kong - exampleHome Stay

Live with a family in Hong Kong and practice your new language every day. You will have your own room, free Internet use with meals and laundry provided. We check each family and the housing carefully to ensure the accommodation meets your needs

Student shared accommodation in Hong Kong - example

Shared Housing

Your own room in an apartment resort with easy access to transport and shopping facilities. Share kitchen, bathroom and living area to save your costs but still enjoy the privacy of your own room

Basic Studio Room

Stay in your own fully-furnished and self-contained accommodation on Hong Kong Island.

Each studio includes:

  • —bed                           —
  • closet
  • —desk
  • —chairs
  • —TV
  • own internet connection
  • air-con
  • bedding
  • refrigerator
  • hot-plate & kettle

Q Language basic student accommodation in Hong Kong example

basic studio accommodation hong kong

Serviced Studio Room

These studio rooms offer a more modern living environment with weekly maid service. You find your studio includes:

  • double-bed
  • —own internet connection
  • —closet
  • —air-con
  • —desk
  • —bedding
  • —chairs                       —
  • refrigerator
  • —TV & DVD
  • hot-plate & kettle
  • microwave oven
  • —kitchen utensils
  • —linen
  • —IKEA lighting
  • weekly cleaning

Q Language serviced studio accommodation in Hong Kong - example

Q Language serviced studio accommodation in Hong Kong - example

Luxury Serviced Studios

These larger studios offer a higher standard of living and are suited to business traveler to provide a very comfortable environment:

  • —Queen/King size-bed
  • —closet—
  • hi-speed internet
  • air-con
  • —desk
  • —luxury bedding
  • —office chair               —
  • refrigerator
  • —TV & DVD
  • —hot-plate & kettle
  • —microwave oven
  • —kitchen utensils
  • —linen
  • —high-quality lighting—
  • weekly cleaning
  • —sofa & chairs
  • —dining table
  • —gym membership      —
  • 24-hour security

Q Language luxury serviced studio accommodation in Hong Kong - example 1

Q Language luxury serviced studio accommodation in Hong Kong - example 2

1 – 2 Bedroom Apartments

Students staying for 6 months to 1 year can enjoy residence in their own fully-furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Our Student Support Service will provide you with the latest available apartments for you to select prior to your arrival according to your budget and needs.

Apartments are provided only after we have arranged professional cleaning and a safety check of electrical and plumbing facilities. You will be given a detailed guide on the apartment location and local amenities to ensure you are satisfied in every way. During your stay, our staff are also available to handle any issues you may have with the apartment or facilities.For more information about your student accommodation in Hong Kong, contact our Students Services Support Team.

1 to 2-bed apartment in Hong Kong - example 1

1 to 2-bed apartment in Hong Kong - example 1

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