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Are All English Courses The Same?

Many people worldwide need to study English. Of course, different students have different reasons for signing up for English courses. Possible reasons include:


  • They may want to go to a university where classes are taught in English.
  • They may want to advance their careers or begin new careers that require English.
  • They may need English for everyday use: to do the shopping, give directions to a taxi driver, or communicate with friends.

Hong Kong English students standing behind English teacher. Everyone is smiling.


Regardless of their differences, all students are the same in one way: they want to learn quickly and have opportunities to use their new language skills out in the real world. But learning English, or indeed any foreign language, takes a lot of time and effort; and it’s important to remember that not all courses are the same. That is why choosing the right English course is very important.



5 Tips For Choosing The Right English Course

As you compare English courses, consider the following five points:

1. Practice makes perfect!

You should look for a course which will allow you to speak and write as much as possible. If you don’t get a lot of practice with each course topic, you’ll probably forget most of what you learn. You need lots of practice with a teacher in order to increase you English level quickly and not fall back to where you started.


2. Listen and repeat!

You should look for a course that is taught by a native English speaker so that you hear correct pronunciation and learn to speak with a good accent. If you learn incorrect pronunciation, you will have difficulty understanding native English speakers, and other people may have difficulty understanding you.


3. Immersion is best!

The best way to learn a language is to be constantly surrounded by it. Look for a course in which you won’t be allowed to use your first language in class and in which you’ll use English outside of class as well.


4. Variety is the spice of life!

Languages have several aspects: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, idioms, etc. There are also different facets of using language: speaking, listening, and writing. This means that you need several different kinds of practice using English and several studying techniques in order to become a good English speaker.


5. Have fun!

You are beginning a big adventure when you choose to study a language. If you’re bored or lonely, you won’t learn as quickly or try as hard. Look for an English course that relates to your other interests like cinema, food, or travel. Language is important for every part of life, and life should be fun!


Bad Experiences With English Courses

Maybe you’ve already taken  English courses in high school or elsewhere. If you have, did you spend most of your time just watching the teacher? Did your teacher speak English with a strong accent? Did you switch back to your first language immediately after classes ended? Did you use a single thick textbook and fill in thousands of blanks day after day? Were the discussion topics dry and boring?


My Advice To You

If you have had a bad experiences,  my advice is to look for an English course,  that will allow you to learn English quickly and naturally through a variety of interesting activities.

At Q Language, we have small classes in which students must frequently interact with the teachers and with each other. Our teachers are all native English speakers, and we frequently pause to help individual students with pronunciation and grammar issues as they arise.

Because our students are from all around the world and don’t share a common first language, we usually hear them speaking English to each other after classes. When students go out into Hong Kong, they use English for everyday errands and socializing. Our students don’t just study English at school; they live in English!

Our classes frequently enjoy field trips and different in-school activities in order to practice talking about music, movies, tourist attractions, crafts, etc. Our teachers are always looking for ways to keep the students interested.


Wherever in the world you decide to study English, I wish you good luck. If you’re thinking of taking an English course in Hong Kong, you’re certainly going to have a great time! Let the adventure begin!


Share Your English Learning Experiences

Leave a comment and let us know about your English learning experiences. What’s the best English course you have ever taken? Have you ever experienced a bad English course? What are the key ingredients in a good English course? Please share your experiences and ideas below; we’d love to hear them!

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