Cursos de Inglés en Hong Kong – Inglés En El Extranjero

 Ver el video en YouTube. Para saber más sobre cursos de idiomas en Hong Kong con Q Language. Para más detalles: Contáctenos   Transcripción Del Vídeo Hola amigos! Si están pensando estudiar Inglés en el extranjero, pues yo les cuento que Hong Kong es un excelente lugar para hacerlo! Osea, Hong Kong es una ciudad muy… Continue Reading >>

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn a Foreign Language

There are many publications and studies that argue that the absolute prime time to embark on the path to learning a foreign language is when you are young. Some experts even try to say that the optimal time for someone to start learning a second language is before the age of kindergarten. However, for most… Continue Reading >>

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The More The Merrier – Idiom of the Day

The word merry is a word you will often hear at this time of year. For example: We’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. Merry is an adjective that means cheerful and lively, but it can also be used to describe someone who is slightly and good-humouredly drunk. For example: Everybody got… Continue Reading >>

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Cut The Mustard – Idiom of the Day

What is Mustard? Before we learn the meaning of the idiom cut the mustard, lets first look at the meaning of the word mustard. Typically, we know mustard as a spicy yellow or brownish-yellow sauce that is usually eaten with meat or used in certain food recipes. It is made from the seeds of a… Continue Reading >>

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English Language Courses Hong Kong – Video Overview By Q Language Teacher, Richard Ford

We recently published a new video to our Q Language Hong Kong You Tube channel where Richard Ford, a popular member of our English teaching team, gave a short overview of what students who enrol on one of our Private (one-to-one) or Intensive English Courses can expect when they come to study English with us here… Continue Reading >>

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Learn to Speak English Fast with These 5 Great Tips!

  If you want to learn to speak English quickly, there are 5 important tips that you should bear in mind before you get started. You should also remind yourself of these tips at regular intervals throughout your English language studies.    1. Avoid Studying Grammar Rules TOO Much One of the common mistakes made… Continue Reading >>

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Learning Synonyms For Good & Synonyms For Bad

When you start to learn English, one of your first challenges is to learn basic vocabulary. As your level of English improves, however, and you are able to communicate in a broader range of situations, you are faced with a new challenge: expanding your vocabulary; taking your existing knowledge of basic vocabulary to a higher… Continue Reading >>

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