How Important Is It To Learn Chinese Tones

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If you want to learn Chinese, mastering tones is of great importance. Some argue that tones are not that important, especially for a beginner,  because, they say, most local Chinese speakers expect foreigners to get it wrong a lot of the time and they will grasp what you are trying to say anyway. However, if…

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Kids Can Learn Chinese With A New iTunes App

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On July 3, 2012, Soybean Street, an educational games company from Silicon Valley in the USA, announced the launch of Animal Fun: Chinese for Kids, a new language-based gaming application that aims to make learning new languages a blast for kids of all ages. You can pick up this popular app on the ITunes store…

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Idiom Of The Day – Beat Around The Bush

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The idiom, beat around the bush, or as is more commonly said in the UK, beat about the bush, figuratively means to avoid saying what you really want to or should be saying. Somebody who is beating around the bush is not being clear or direct in what they are saying and they are making it difficult to…

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English Lessons In Hong Kong For Asylum Seekers – They Argue, They Learn And They Wait

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  The recently reported a story titled “Arguing, Learning, Waiting” by Gordon Matthews. The story was about Gordon Mathews, a professor of anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who has been teaching English to African and Pakistani men, generally in their 20s and 30s, who came to Hong Kong seeking asylum.  …

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13 Best Ways To Learn Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese

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So what is the best way to learn Chinese? Learning Chinese can be a challenge, especially if you are a beginner. Some argue that it is a complex language and, indeed, one of the most difficult languages to learn. Others insist that is is one of the most logical languages and is in fact quite…

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Q Language Quick Chat With Lucy From South Korea

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Q-Admin in

New to our YouTube channel this week is a Q Language Quick Chat video featuring the charming Lucy from South Korea.  At the time of this informal interview, Lucy had been studying English at Q Language for approximately five months. You’re Korean! Why Come To Hong Kong To Study English? Lucy came to Hong Kong because of…

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