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Idiom of the Day – Sleep on it

Posted on August 27, 2013 by Q-Admin in

Idiom of the day today, presented by one of our fabulous English teachers, Richard, is sleep on it. Watch the following video for Richard’s simple explanation and example of this common English expression then scroll down for another example of how you might use it yourself.      Watch on You Tube at: Please…

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Student Interview – Yulia from Belarus Shares Her Experiences of Studying English at Q language

Posted on July 12, 2013 by Q-Admin in

It’s been a while, but here is another video interview with one of our lovely students. In this video, Yulia Mikhalakina from Belarus shared her experiences of learning English in Hong Kong with Q Language. As you will see from the video, Yulia has attained a very good command of the English language. She has…

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15 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in American & British English – Infographics

Posted on July 9, 2013 by Q-Admin in

Some people argue that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, while others believe it is relatively easy. But unless you have learned many languages, it is, perhaps, difficult to say which is the hardest language of all to learn. How easy or difficult a language is to master also depends on…

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Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes When Learning English – Mistakes are GOOD!

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Q-Admin in

Is your fear of making mistakes holding back your progress? Twice this week I have heard students say that they don’t practice speaking English as much as they know they should because they are afraid of making mistakes. This is absolutely CRAZY! And if you can relate to this, read on.     photo credit: kazvorpal…

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5 Minute English News Lesson – The Chicken That Lays Monster Eggs

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Q-Admin in

According to this ITN news broadcast on You Tube, there is a chicken in Guizhou, China, that lays enormous eggs that, unbelievably, contain yet more eggs. It’s most bizarre! Before you watch the video clip, read the simple instructions below the video on how to complete the quiz.     photo credit: flickr@s2ublack There are just 5…

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7 Valuable Mindset Tips For Successfully Learning a Foreign Language

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Q-Admin in

Today we truly live in a global society. At no time in the past has the world been as small as it is today. With the exploding use of the Internet and social media, we now have the ability to communicate freely with others all over the world. Communication is easy, fast and generally cost…

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