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Whether you would like to study Mandarin or Cantonese here in Hong Kong, we have a first rate Chinese Language Course to suit your needs. Our professional team of native-speaker Chinese teachers offer intensive full-time Mandarin Courses and one-to-one or or small group private Cantonese classes.

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Intensive Mandarin Chinese Courses            Intensive Cantonese Chinese Courses
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 NEW!  Weekend Chinese Courses

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” Which Chinese Language Course is right for you? “


 Intensive Mandarin Course

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Study either 24 or 15 hours per week
on our Intensive 24 or Intensive 15 Mandarin
 that offer local and overseas
students full-time study at our
Hong Kong Language Centre.



Intensive Cantonese Course

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Study either 24 or 15 hours per week
on our Intensive 24 or Intensive 15 Cantonese
 that offer local and overseas
students full-time study at our
Hong Kong Language Centre.

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 Private Chinese Classes

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For students with busy lifestyles we offer
flexible schedules that allow you to
Learn Mandarin
or Learn Cantonese Chinese
either one-to-one or as part of a
small private group.



Weekend Chinese Courses

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If you’d love to learn Mandarin or Cantonese,
but are busy from Monday to Friday
you can now join our
Weekend Chinese Courses.




Learn Chinese in Hong Kong – 6 Good Reasons Why?

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1. Hong Kong is an Education Superpower

An international study in 2012 heralded Hong Kong is an ‘education superpower’. Perhaps due to it’s historic connections with the UK, Hong Kong has an East-meets-West education system that is of a very high standard, with four of Hong Kong’s eight universities ranked in the top 200 universities in the world. Hong Kong takes great pride in its record as a world leader in education and when you decide to study Chinese in Hong Kong, you will be part of this renowned education system.

2. You Can Explore the Whole of South East Asia

Learning Chinese in Hong Kong will give you ample opportunity to explore this fascinating region of the world. With one of the most modern, efficient and easily accessible transport systems globally, Hong Kong is your gateway to mainland China and other fascinating countries throughout South East Asia. Take the occasional break from your formal Chinese language studies in Hong Kong and head off to a neighbouring Chinese speaking region to get plenty more Chinese conversational practise.

3. Learn Chinese Culture

Taking a Chinese language course in Hong Kong  will give you a chance to learn about the Chinese culture on a personal level. You will be able to practice your language skills in real life situations whilst learning to understand the nuances of meeting and interacting with Chinese. You will also learn how to conduct yourself  within Chinese culture, both in business and social situations.  Learning about Chinese culture is of particular importance to those who plan to do business in China on a regular basis. Indeed, it is just as important as acquiring the language skills.

4. Native-Chinese Speaking Teachers & Authentic Learning Environment

You don’t have to sit in classroom for months or years slowly pouring over boring text books to learn Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese. Many of the Chinese language schools in Hong Kong offer intensive classes to help you learn Chinese quickly. Your teachers in Hong Kong will be native-Chinese speakers and you will learn the language in real life situations instead of just in a classroom setting. Your native Chinese teachers will not only help you prepare your verbal language skills quickly, but also your written, reading and listening skills.

5. Practise Chinese on Real People in Real Situations

You will also be able to use your Chinese language skills on real people in real situations. The opportunities to use your new Chinese language skills are endless when you learn Chinese in Hong Kong. Frequent the fabulous and numerous Chinese restaurants here in this amazing city and practice all that you’ve learned in your Chinese lessons. Or just hop in a cab and practise your Cantonese on one of the friendly local cab drivers. You will have ample opportunities to learn what does and doesn’t work when speaking the language.  And since English is one Hong Kong’s official languages, you won’t be completely lost when you do venture out into the city.

6. Hong Kong is a Modern World City Surrounded by Beaches and Hiking Trails

cartoon character holding contact us signHong Kong (meaning fragrant harbour) is an ultra modern metropolis uniquely entwined with ancient tradition. It is the perfect blend of Eastern and Western influences.  Whilst there’s no denying the fact that Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and that the pollution here is an ‘issue’, you mustn’t let that put you off!  About 60 per cent of Hong Kong has yet to be developed and around 40 percent of Hong Kong’s territory is protected by lush country parks. In fact, if you take 30 minute drive, train ride or boat trip from virtually anywhere in the city, you can find yourself basking on an idyllic beach (Hong Kong has more than 100 well maintained beaches) or hiking along one of the numerous green mountain trails (Hong Kong boasts around 300 km of government maintained hiking trails). Indeed, any time the hustle and bustle of city life gets too much, there is an abundance of tranquil, open spaces to which you can escape.

Our Students Love Q Language!

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I came to Hong Kong because I love this city and I think there are good opportunities for doing business in the future, so I decided to study Chinese because it will be very useful. I’ve been studying Intensive Mandarin at Q Language for 2 years and I can now speak Chinese.

Hong Kong is a very international city and I meet people from many different countries. I can speak in English here and I can practise my Chinese also, so it’s very convenient to live here.

-Anna, Russia
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Raffaele from Italy studying Mandarin ChineseSmall QuoteHong Kong is far from Italy but I feel at home here and enjoy my study at Q Language. I hope to live and work in Hong Kong for a long time.

-Raffaele, Russia
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Shopper C from Thailand studying Intensive Mandarin ChineseSmall QuoteMy brother lives in HK and he invited me to study here. I was nervous as Hong Kong was unfamiliar, but I soon made many friends at Q Language and the teachers here are wonderful.

-Shopper C, Thailand
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Adriana from Colombia on Intensive Mandarin courseSmall QuoteQ Language was a perfect choice as they arranged my student visa and helped me with my classes. I am confident I will learn so much in the next 6 months.

-Adriana, Colombia
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