How Safe Are You Online? - How To Be Safe On The Internet Tips
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How Safe Are You Online? – Online Safety Tips

internet safetyVirtually all of our staff and students here at Q Language,  as well as our growing number of fans on our Facebook page, use the Internet on a daily basis.


But just how knowledgeable are you about your online safety? The fact that nearly 8.1 million people around the world fall victim to identity theft every year suggests that we are not all as careful on the Internet as we should be.

Watch the short videos below for a few tips on improving your online safety.

5 Tips For Staying Safe On The Internet

How To Create Safe Passwords

More Great Advice On How To Be Safe On The Internet


We hope you found this post useful. If you have any other ideas about staying safe online, please share it below or tell us about it on our Facebook fan page.

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