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Idiom – Blue Eyed Boy

The idiom, blue eyed boy or blue eyed girl, refers to a someone who is liked, admired and often favoured by someone in authority. It is an expression more often used in Britain and Australia than in American English, and is often used with a derogatory or envious tone of voice and/or feelings of resent.


blonde haired girl with blue eyes

Blue Eyed Boy & Blue Eyed Girl Example Sentences:

  • Yes, Jack certainly is the blue eyed boy in this department! When it comes to promotion, Jack is always the first to be considered! The rest of us don’t even get a look in!
  • What do you mean, Becky, “I’m not the blue eyed girl“? Who doesn’t get into trouble for being late? Becky! Who is allowed to wear jeans to work despite the ‘no jeans’ policy! Becky! And who is allowed to lose a contract without getting fired? Becky! Of course you are the blue eyed girl!

They don’t actually need to have blue eyes to be considered a blue eyed boy of girl and they can be found in every walk of life. Whether in the classroom, the workplace, the local club or just in the local neighbourhood, blue eyed boys and girls are ubiquitous – as is the jealousy and resent from friends, family and coworkers that often surrounds them.


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Blue Eyed Boy – Synonyms

  • fair-haired boy (more often used in American English instead of blue eyed boy).
  • teacher’s pet (more likely to be used in a classroom situation).
  • golden boy (amongst my brothers, I have always been referred to as ‘Golden Boy’).


Blue Eyed Boy – You Tube Video

This is 5th song from the album Kokopelli by Kosheen

Blue Eyed Boy (by Kosheen) – Lyrics

lyrics to Blue Eyed boy by Kosheen


Have you ever known a blue eyed boy or a blue eyed girl, or perhaps you are one yourself?  Please leave a comment below and tell us about your experiences.

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