IDIOM OF THE DAY ~ HANDY (Video including funny outtakes)

Idiom of the Day – HANDY

Here is another quick video lesson from Richard Ford (much loved member of the Q Language English team).

This time, Richard discusses the meaning and usage of the common English expression handy.

bloopersWatch the short lesson below to see how you can use this expression and be sure to watch all the way to the end because we have included a few outtakes (bloopers).

Richard is a great presenter but, like everybody, he doesn’t get it right first time, every time and the results are rather amusing! See if you can tell which word he ‘mimes’ on the first blooper. 🙂

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Video Transcript

Handy. Handy is a very common expression in the English language. It has two meanings. The first meaning means, usefulness. For example: The iPhone is a very handy invention; or useful invention. The second meaning means, available now. For example: Do you have a pen handy? (or) do you have a pen available now? You could say the expression, ‘handy’ is a very handy expression.

Further Explanations and Examples:

The two meanings of the expression handy that Richard discusses are available now and usefulness. Here are some synonyms for each meaning:

Available now – accessible, available, close by, convenient, close, ready, adjacent, at hand, close-at-hand, near, near-at-hand, on hand, within reach

Usefulness – convenient, helpful, manageable, neat, practicable, practical, profitable, useful, central, ready, adaptable, advantageous, beneficial, functional, gainful, serviceable, utile, wieldy


Finally, one other way of defining the expression (or word) handy that Richard didn’t discuss is skillfulness.

If someone is particularly good at or skilled in something you could use the word handy to describe them or their actions.

For example:
My brother is useless at football but he is really handy with a golf club (Meaning my brother is a skilled golfer; he is very good at golf.)

Synonyms for this definition include:
able, adept, experienced, proficient, expert, accomplished, adroit, competent, experienced, practical, proficient, seasoned, skilled, smart, trained.


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