Learn Chinese In Hong Kong - Breaking News Spoof Video
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Learn Chinese In Hong Kong – Breaking News Spoof

Just over a month ago we published a ‘breaking news’ spoof video to our You Tube channel. The video featured a V.I.P holding a press conference in which he was asked his opinion on two points relating to learning Chinese in Hong Kong.

He was first asked whether he thought that learning Chinese in Hong Kong would boost a person’s career prospects. After giving an affirmative response the reporter asked him which Hong Kong language school he would recommend if someone wanted to learn Chinese in Hong Kong.

Watch the video below to find out his ‘not so surprising’ answers.

Learn Chinese Hong Kong – BREAKING NEWS VIDEO

Spoof video featuring a VIP extolling the virtues of learning Chinese in Hong Kong and recommending Q Language as THE premier language school to contact if you want to learn Chinese in Hong Kong.

Obviously we agree fully with what the V.I.P says, so if you would like to study either Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese here in Hong Kong, take a look at our Chinese Courses page here for further details.

Please note that Hong Kong student visas are only available for our full-time language courses, which means that you are required to study for a minimum of 15 hours per week to qualify.


Here is the transcript of the video:

So would you say learning Chinese in Hong Kong will boost your career prospects?

Yes, to learn Chinese is certainly a good move. You see, China is one of the major players in global affairs nowadays! It’s now the world’s second largest economy – and companies worldwide are increasingly hiring professionals who can speak Chinese and bridge the cultural gap to successfully communicate with China’s business leaders.
Look, if you learn Chinese, especially Mandarin Chinese, it’s a fact: You will gain a strategic advantage over your rivals when you’re competing for an important job opportunity. Or as a small business owner there are huge new opportunities for business waiting for you if you’re able to speak Chinese.

And to learn Chinese, which Hong Kong language school would you recommend?

In Hong Kong? Q Language! Without a doubt, Q language! They’ve got the best facilities. The best Chinese language teachers (all native-Chinese speakers!? You can study Cantonese or Mandarin. They’ve got great part-time or intensive courses. Without a doubt, Q Language is Hong Kong’s Premier language school!

For all other language courses at Q Language, go to:

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