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Q Language Quick ChatWith Carolina From Columbia

Carolina - English student in Hong KongWe have just published a new video to our QLanguageHK YouTube channel featuring the lovely Carolina from Colombia in South America.

Carolina first heard about Q Language from her husband, who we were very happy to have studying with us last year.  She had only been in Hong Kong for one week at the time of this interview but,  as she says in the video, she  plans to study English at Q Language for about six months. Watch the video to find out what Carolina thinks of Q Language and Hong Kong so far, or if you prefer, you can read the transcript below the video.

Video Transcript

Interviewer:   So, what’s your name and where are you from?

Carolina:   I’m from Columbia, South America.

Interviewer:   OK, and what’s your name?

Carolina:   Carolina.

Interviewer:   Carolina? OK. And how  long have you been in Hong Kong?

Carolina:   One week.

Interviewer:   You’ve been in Hong Kong one week?

Carolina:   Yeah! I’m planning to stay here for maybe six  months.

Carolina:   Because it’s a good place for study and many  friends told me that it’s a nice place for beginning.

Interviewer:   And so how did you find out about Q Language?

Carolina:   Because my husband was studying here last year.

Interviewer:   Oh I see, OK. Alright, and do you like Hong Kong?

Carolina:   Yeah, I love Hong Kong!

Interviewer:   Really? Why?

Carolina:   It’s a nice place. It’s a cosmopolitan city. You can find many (a lot of) food from around the world. You can meet many people. It has nice beaches. It’s a nice place for…….…..I don’t know, I love Hong Kong!

Interviewer:   Just lot of good things about it?

Carolina:   Yeah!

Interviewer:   And how have you found Q Language? Is it good here?

Carolina:   It’s nice, yeah!

Carolina:   It’s nice, yeah! The teachers are so kind. You can meet many people. It’s nice, it’s a nice place.

Interviewer:   Are there lots of people from different countries? Or are they all just from Hong Kong?

Carolina:   No, I have classmates from Mexico, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Korea, Japan.

Interviewer:   Really? That many? That many different countries?

Carolina:   Yeah, of course, it’s nice, it’s so nice.

Interviewer:   And who is your……. have you got one teacher or lots of different teachers?

Carolina:   I have three teachers. One on Wednesday…and…….Wednesday and Monday, yeah! One for Tuesday and Thursday and one for Friday.

Interviewer:   And where are your teachers from,  England or America or…..?

Carolina:    American!…..Two American,  and one from England.

Interviewer:   And how long are you going to stay here? How long are you going to stay in Hong Kong or at Q Language?

Carolina:   Six months.

Interviewer:   And did Q Language organise you a visa?

Carolina:   Yeah, everything, everything!

Interviewer:   Everything was done for you?

Interviewer:   And it was all quite smooth and simple?

Carolina:   Yeah!

Interviewer:   …. No problem?

Interviewer:   Alright, thank you very, very much……..

Carolina:   OK.

Interviewer:   That’s it! The pain is over!

Carolina:   Yeah, that’s all?

Carolina:   Nice! Easy!

Interviewer:   Easy! Easy!

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