Q Language Review - Why Clio From Switzerland Rates us 10 out of 10!

Q Language Review – Why Clio From Switzerland Rates us
10 out of 10!

Q Language Review - Clio

Q Language is a leading, Government-registered Hong Kong language school. We take our reputation seriously and we appreciate all feedback on our performance. There are numerous Q Language reviews across the The Web and we’re happy to report that the vast majority of them sing our praises. Reading online reviews is a great way for customers, or in our case, students, to get a feel for the company they are considering investing their time and money in.

At the bottom of this page, there are links to just a few of the online portals where you can view ratings & reviews from both our previous and current students. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you enrol on one of our language courses here in Hong Kong.

Q Language Review By Clio From Switzerland

Meanwhile, in today’s post, we are very happy to share with you our latest video review from Clio, a delightful student from Switzerland, who has been studying Mandarin Chinese with us for the last two years.

Watch the full video interview with Clio or read what she had to say about her experience at Q Language below.

Why Choose to Study at Q Language in Hong Kong?

We asked Clio to tell us a little about herself including why she came to Hong Kong and why she decided to study Mandarin at Q Language. She said:

So, my name is Clio, and I am from Switzerland. I have been in Hong Kong for 2 Years now, but on and off.

I came here to Hong Kong because I wanted a gap year time. And I thought that Hong Kong would be the perfect place because it has different culture from mine and I really love learning about different cultures, and I also love traveling.

I came to Q Language because I was ready for another challenge, which was my case studying Mandarin. And when my aunt suggested to me to come here, I was like, yeah, I would like to come.

Clio then confirmed that it was indeed her aunt ( also a student at Q Language), who first told her about the the possibility of studying Mandarin in Hong Kong with Q language.

Was The Q Language Application Process Easy?

Yes, it was very easy. And I had lots of guidance and they helped me with everything: with my Hong Kong student visa, on how to get started, and everyone’s super friendly and they’re very, very supportive. So, you’re definitely going to be in good hands here.

Finding Accommodation in Hong Kong

We help many of our overseas students to find accommodation here in Hong Kong so we asked we asked if it was us that helped her on this occasion. She replied:

Erm, about my accommodation, my aunt helped me. Yes, she was the one who helped me with that.

What Do You Like About Hong Kong?

What I really love about Hong Kong is that it is a really fast paced city. So you will never get bored because there are so many different things to do, there’s so many different things you can explore, like places, different food, and the people are very open.

There is just so much you can learn from the city as a whole. And there are so many different experiences you can take from here. So, I don’t know, I mean I love everything about Hong Kong.

Meeting People in Hong Kong

Clio mentioned that she’d met a lot of different people in Hong Kong so we asked her what she thought about the other students (and teachers) she’d met at Q Language. She replied:

Clio in mandarin class Hong Kong

Uh, like, one of the things I really love about Q Language is how diverse it is. There are so many different nationalities, and in each and every class, like, I’ve never had a school or I’ve never been in a class with a Korean before, so that was really interesting. So yeah, I’ve met so many people and some are not even from my class. But, also the teachers and also pupils from other classes because you get to interact with many different people, and it is definitely something amazing and I really hope that the bonds that I’ve formed here will stay with me for a lifetime.

How Would You Rate Q Language?

We asked Clio how she would rate Q Language and she replied:

Oh, well, that’s really easy. 10 out of 10! Or 11 out of 10. No, I mean for someone who has been here as long as I have, I think it’s definitely an accomplishment from both sides because obviously Mandarin is not a really easy language to learn; and I think everyone who is studying Mandarin can agree with me on that one.

It’s just the way…. how the teachers here at Q Language…..like, big shout out to the teachers, because they kept encouraging me and they kept helping me to reach the most out of my potential. And they had a lot of patience, which I really appreciated – which was, like, wow!

You know, if I have the chance to be in such an amazing environment, you definitely have to, like, you know, take as much out of it as possible. So, yeah, Q Language is an amazing place, not only to learn but also to meet friends and to just have an amazing experience overall. So, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Clio on Q Language field trip And you can not only study Mandarin, you can also study English, which makes Q Language even more amazing because you have two different choices and there are even other languages they are offering. So, yeah, I would definitely recommend it!

And I’m very, very sad to leave! But, as I always say, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” So, as corny as it sounds, this is the truth.

Thank you so much for the interview and to any future students 欢迎您  (you’re

Hope you can understand me, and I wish you all a beautiful day.

Thank you.

A Few Words From Clio’s Teachers

As mentioned, Clio has been studying Mandarin at Q Language for the last two years and we have all benefited from her joyful presence throughout that time. She will certainly be missed. Here are a few words to wish her bon voyage or 一路順風! (have a pleasant journey) from her Chinese teachers.

Clio is an excellent student with a huge passion for learning Mandarin. She always brought a lot of fun to everyone in the class. Outside the classroom, we explored the local food, local culture, and enjoyed many other activities together in Hong Kong. Her positive attitude and bright personality are very impressive to me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time that we’ve been together studying and having fun and I hope Clio’s time at Q Language and in Hong Kong will forever remain a beautiful time in her life.  -Shireen 

Clío, you are a lovely girl who is always happy, energetic and smart. You have an outgoing, kind nature and a mature outlook on life. You are always ready to help others whilst bringing joy and happiness into their lives. I very much hope everything goes well in your life and you move forward with great courage!    -Anika

Clio is warm, helpful and considerate, and always very good to her friends and classmates. She has an impressive study method and focusses well on accumulation and practice. She quickly adapted to the Chinese learning style and is very interested in studying Chinese. Moreover, she has already gained a good understanding of Chinese culture. She likes acting and is very great at dancing.    -Vera  

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