Student Interview - Yulia from Belarus Shares Her Experiences of Studying English at Q language

Student Interview – Yulia from Belarus Shares Her Experiences of Studying English at Q language

Yulia Mikhalakina It’s been a while, but here is another video interview with one of our lovely students.

In this video, Yulia Mikhalakina from Belarus shared her experiences of learning English in Hong Kong with Q Language.

As you will see from the video, Yulia has attained a very good command of the English language. She has been studying with us for 6 months and, unfortunately, is returning to Belarus this week.

She has been a great asset to the school and will be missed by students and Q Language staff alike.

As she says in the video, hopefully she will be back to visit Hong Kong sometime in the future and we hope that she comes to visit us all at Q Language when she does.

Here’s the video with the full transcript below.

Thanks, Yulia! 🙂


Video Interview with Yulia from Belarus

Full Transcript of Interview with Yulia

Interviewer:     Hello.

Yulia:               Hello.

Interviewer:     What’s your name and where are you from?

Yulia:               My name is Yulia and I am from Belarus.

Interviewer:     Belarus? And where is Belarus for everybody that doesn’t know where Belarus is?

Yulia:               Belarus is between Poland and Russia and Ukraine so it’s the geographical center of Europe.

Interviewer:     Right, OK. And how long have you been in Hong Kong?

Yulia:               Six months, already.

Interviewer:     Six months? And what brought you to Hong Kong? Why did you come to Hong Kong?

Yulia:               Um, because I really love this city. I decided to live here for some time and improve my English as well.

Interviewer:     Had you been to Hong Kong before you came six months ago?

Yulia:               Yeah, yeah, I’d been here for two weeks so….and enjoyed it a lot and that’s why I decided to come here and stay here for a longer period.

Interviewer:     So you decided to stay in Hong Kong and study English while you are here?

Yulia:               Yeah.

Interviewer:     OK, and have you been at Q Language for six months?

Yulia:               Yes.

Interviewer:     Yeah? OK, and how do you find Q Language?

Yulia:               Oh I enjoy the classes; I think that my English is much better now and I passed IELTS exam so I am…..

Interviewer:     You passed IELTS exam, really?

Yulia:               Yeah, Yeah.

Interviewer:     What level (grade)?

Yulia:               I have (got) 7.

Interviewer:     7? That’s good!

Yulia:               So, I’m satisfied with the result.

Interviewer:     Well done! And how did you actually find Q Language in the first place?

Yulia:               When I was in Hong Kong one year ago, I was looking for a school so I came to Q Language, talked to Stuart (Q Language Director) and really loved the atmosphere here and as well (also) the school helped me to get a visa, and accommodation as well.

Interviewer:      So they helped you with your visa and your accommodation, and it was all pretty smooth?

Yulia:                It was, it was nice.

Interviewer:      And what do you like about Q Language?

Yulia:               The groups are quite small and I love the atmosphere here and I really enjoy (the) classes.

Interviewer:      And lots of students from different places?

Yulia:               Yeah, the atmosphere is quite international so you can hear the different ways of speaking English. So, I think it helps because when you go outside, you talk to people and everybody speaks differently.

Interviewer:      Alright, and do you socialise  with the other students here?

Yulia:                Yeah, yeah! Sometimes we go out, yeah, we make friends, sometimes we go out ………we go trekking, and so on.

Interviewer:      And what about your teachers? Are they good?

Yulia:                Yeah, I like (them).

Interviewer:      How many teachers have you got? Lots of different teachers?

Yulia:                No, I had only four teachers so, three for group classes and one teacher for private classes when I prepared (was preparing) for IELTS exam.

Interviewer:       And what do you like most about Hong Kong?

Yulia:                 I love the atmosphere here, yeah! I think the best thing here is that you are in the city but you can spend one hour on the bus and you can be in the forest with great beaches …….it’s amazing!

Interviewer:       So you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city?

Yulia:                 Yeah, yeah, if you are tired of the city, you can go somewhere and be in the forest and national park(s); they are very beautiful here.

Interviewer:       And how much longer do you plan to stay in Hong Kong?

Yulia:                 I’m leaving in ten days.

Interviewer:       Oh really?

Yulia:                 So yeah, I have to go?

Interviewer:       Will you be sad to go?

Yulia:                 Oh yes, but who knows, maybe I will come back.

Interviewer:       Alright, Yulia, thank you very much, it’s been lovely talking to you and you’ve done a great job!

Yulia:                 Thank you.

Interviewer:      Say goodbye to them. (points to camera.)

Yulia:                Goodbye!

Interviewer:       Thank you very much, Yulia. Superstar! Perfect!

Yulia:                Thank you.


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