English Video Lessons #1 - Level: Elementary to Intermediate
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English Video Lessons #1 Level: Elementary to Intermediate

We thought we would share some useful English video lessons  from around the Internet and here is video lesson number one. The video  was created by the good people over at  Cambridge ESOL  and, as the presenter mentions, the questions are at different levels so don’t worry if some of are too easy or too hard for you.

To assist you further, we have also included a transcript of the video below. We hope you enjoy it and find if useful.


Video Transcript

Hello, my name’s Jessica.

Here at Cambridge ESOL,  we want to help you improve your English so you can achieve your goals.
In this clip, you can take a quick English test with me.

The questions are at different levels so don’t worry if some are too easy or too hard for you.

Listen to the sentences and then choose the correct option.

Are you ready? OK, here’s question one:


Why are you watching TV?

A)  All the time.
B)  If you like.
C)  To improve my English.

The correct answer is ‘C’, To improve my English.

The question begins with ‘Why’ so the answer needs to be a reason.

The reason here is that the speaker wants to improve his or her English. Well done if you got this right.

Now, are you ready for question two? Here it is:


Who’s that girl with the red hat?

A) It’s Lucy’s hat.
B) She’s my sister.
C) I don’t know it.

The right answer is ‘B’,  She’s my sister.

Listen to the question again:

Who’s that girl with the red hat?

The question is about the girl, not the hat.

Answer A) would be a good answer if the question was:

Whose hat is it? Well done if you answered this correctly.

Here’s question three:



The floor is wet: don’t run or you might _______!

A)  stoop
B)  spill
C)  slip
D)  spin

The correct answer is ‘C’, slip!

You slip when your feet unintentionally move a short distance often on wet or slippery surfaces.
Well done!

And here’s question four:


Charlotte ______ me a lot of her mother.

A) recognizes
B) remembers
C) reminds
D) remarks

The right answer is ‘C’, reminds.

Charlotte is very similar to her mother in appearance or personality. In English, we use the phrase: to remind me of.

Charlotte reminds me a lot of her mother.

Excellent work if you got it right!

These questions are similar to questions you’ll find in our free online level test. If you’d like to take the full test, visit the Cambridge ESOL website. Thanks for watching.

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