What's it Really Like To Study Language Abroad in Hong Kong?

What’s It Really Like To Study Language In Hong Kong?

English teacher and students Q Language, Hong Kong.

We were keen to find out what life is really like for some of our overseas students who come to Hong Kong to study language at Q Language.

We asked three students – Jane Choi from South Korea, Jeffri Moustafa from Indonesia and Nataly Arias from Colombia – about their impressions of Hong Kong, their most memorable moments so far and advice from them for anyone moving to this vibrant world city.  They also revealed what they particularly like about studying with us here at Q Language.

Read on to discover their surprising answers!

What’s life like in Hong Kong?

Jane – Amazing! It’s totally different to Korea. I feel very relaxed living here and there are more opportunities to meet people from all over the world.

Jeffri – For me, Hong Kong is full of excitement. It’s never boring and even though Hong Kong is a busy city, there are always areas outside of the city to escape.

Nataly – Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a lot of options to entertain yourself such as hiking, eating, partying etc.

English student at Q Language - Nataly from Columbia.


What’s it like to study English in Hong Kong?

Jane – It’s much easier than Korea because there are more English speakers. I can even speak English to people in most shops.

Jeffri – English is widely spoken in Hong Kong, so you can practice your English pretty much everywhere. It’s a great place to study English!

Nataly – It’s interesting because it is very international, and you meet people from all over the world.

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What has been your most memorable moment in Hong Kong so far?

Jane – The first day I joined Q Language was my most memorable moment. I was so excited about meeting lots of students and the teachers. They were all very welcoming and made me feel extremely relaxed.

Jeffri – There is a rugby tournament every year called ‘The Rugby Sevens’ and the first time that I went has to be my most memorable moment. I made so many great friends that day.

Nataly – I can’t say my most memorable moment as there have been so many of them.


Q Language English student, Jefri fro Indonesia.


What advice would you give to someone moving to Hong Kong?

Jane – Anyone coming to Hong Kong should make sure that they also take trips outside of the city as there are lots of beautiful islands within easy reach of the city. There are also many beautiful hiking trails as well as restaurants and bars. Remember to stay hydrated in the summer!

Jeffri – Don’t worry about making friends. It’s very easy to meet new people from all over the world.

Nataly – I’d say, have an open mind and make the most of your time in Hong Kong!

English language student, Jane, from South Korea

What’s the best thing about learning at Q Language?

Jane – All the staff are from different English-speaking countries, so it’s useful to practice listening to different accents. The groups are also very well organised as they put you in levels which are based on your ability. The teachers at Q Language are also very professional, and they make the classes really fun!

Jeffri – Meeting people who come from different backgrounds and cultures. I also really like the staff as they’re fun to learn with.

Nataly – You can improve your English quickly but also have fun along the way. There is a maximum of 10 people per group so it’s easy to get to know your classmates, which I like very much.


About The Teacher

Q Language Englisg Teacher, Ben Walters My name is Benjamin Walters and I’m currently living and working in Hong Kong. I’ve spent the last 5 years at  Q Language Centre as an English language teacher. Having a special affinity for working directly with people from all over the world, I love classroom based teaching.




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